A Cute Marriage Quote to Make you Smile


Our three year old has developed this idea that every time people kiss, it means they are getting married. So when she is playing pretend  with her barbies, she will make them pretend kiss and then say: “They got married!” The one day when my husband came home and kissed me hello, she took one look at us and said:

Did you just get married

It was the cutest, most innocent thing and we couldn’t help but laugh. So in honor of our wedding anniversary this week, I thought  I would post this quote of hers along with a picture of us from when we were pregnant with her four years ago. This picture was taken right before we announced our pregnancy at Christmas with our  first child. Now that little baby is almost four and starting to ask the big questions like: Daddy, did you just get married?! In her eyes, we get married every day 🙂

Siganutre right

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