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Twenty Three Layers Goes Above and Beyond to Plan Events in NYC

July 3, 2017
Party Planning

**This is a sponsored post in partnership with Perennial Relations. The content is written by one of their clients in the event planning industry. See full disclosure here. Whether you are planning to celebrate a birthday, graduation, holiday, or corporate event you want it to be memorable and perfect. Recently HGTV online released some party planning tips […]

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Birthdays for Little Ones | Catch the Latest

How to Throw a Fabulous Frozen Party for a Three Year Old

January 26, 2017

Little girl with round rosy cheeks and soft brown curls, bouncing from person to person, giggling with great delight. The sparkle in her eyes reflecting the glittery balloons and silver tulle ribbons scattered about the room. Tall male cousins ducked to avoid the colorful paper snowflakes swirling overhead and eager fingers filled white plates with sandwich […]

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