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Come Here

February 16, 2016

My two year old has always been a cuddle bug, she loves to be held and to be near people, especially her Momma. Now that she is old enough to voice her opinions she very loudly and clIMG_6184early says “Hold You” and will toddle around the house yelling “Mom-MY, Mom-MY” when I am in another room. However, as much as she wants to be with me she will often not come when I call back: “I’m here, come in here.” She will continue to stand where she is or wander through the house calling for me until I go to meet her half way. Sometimes she will even say “Come BACK here!” in as loud and stern a voice as a two year old can muster.Of course as soon as I pop my head around the corner she will come often running with a big smile and a cheery “Hi Mommy!”

I couldn’t help but think the other day as I was echoing her calls across the house that this is very much like how we sometimes pray. We ask God to hold us, to help us and then when He responds we stand still or we continue to wander aimlessly instead of running to Him to be caught up in His embrace. We want to be with Him but we want Him to come to us. We even  order him to”Come BACK here!” Yet we tend to wander in a daze even after we ask for Him instead of responding to his call “Come, Follow me.”  If we can but learn to follow, that smile of recognition can be ours as we pray and His voice will lead us straight to the place we need to be.

  • fRED

    It would be SOOo Great if our Abba Father God would actually scoop us up in his arms when we cry out for him. Or even just to hear his voice would be a reassurance.

    • Yes, it is sometimes hard to feel that God is with us but He always is, mostly He seems to prefer speaking in small ways instead of the large obvious ways that we desire. I find it helps me to make more time for Him in prayer and to spend time with Him in church away from the noise of the world. Obviously it still takes trust to feel that He hears our cry. Have you ever read any of Matthew Kelly’s books? He has a book out called Rediscover Jesus which might be of interest to you.