Wednesday Wisdom [4/13/16]

wednesday Wisdom with lovely little lives

Today I’m in the mood to put up a humorous quote so here it is:

A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's- She changes it more often.Read more at- (1)

I will be the first to plead guilty of this mind-changing business.  A certain bathroom remodel comes to mind involving two different kinds of trim and triple the work because someone kept changing her mind. A shout out to my admirable husband for patiently tearing apart and re-doing the bathroom trim which also includes re-mudding, re-painting and re-caulking around the sink.  He is a saint for putting up with my less than agreeable qualities! In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure a woman’s mind is actually more chaotic than a man’s, so I chose the fireworks background to display this quote because the sporadic bursts of color visualize the craziness of the female brain 🙂

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