Wednesday Wisdom [4/27/16]

wednesday wisdom with lovely little lives
“You’re gonna miss this.” This song has played in my head a lot recently. Perhaps because we are starting to think about preschool or because we are on our second round of potty training. Perhaps because my children are starting to look and act more like girls and not babies. They are saying full sentences, carrying on  conversations, singing all the lyrics  in a song, voicing their opinions, picking out their clothes, writing letter in sidewalk chalk.

And even though some days are long and hard when your life revolves around children who are still little and still need help with everything, I’m starting to wake up to the reality of how fast they are growing. Someday,  I’m going to miss those little voices at my bedside every morning clamoring for cereal. I’m going to miss seeing little  bare feet in the yard, chasing birds in the spring rain. I’m going to miss those spontaneous “I love you’s ” and those darling arms-wrapped-tightly-around-the neck hugs.

There are so many tender little moments I am going to miss that I don’t even realize yet or that I won’t even remember later; so I am taking these song lyrics to heart and trying to enjoy each moment while it lasts. So someday, when I’m missing this, I will be able to remember the good times and be thankful for the moments we had. Yet still, this bittersweet sentiment keeps playing in my head…..and I am reminded once again to savor today.


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