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5 Ways to Incorporate Your Kids into Lent


In our house, we have short attention spans, high energy and very young minds. So for Lent, I try to find, few small, simple ways to incorporate Lent into our week without it being overwhelming for me or the little ones. It’s beneficial for me to have a sense of accomplishment that at least my kids are doing something even if it still feels like close to nothing. So if your household is anything like mine, here are some suggestions for this liturgical season: Set up a […]

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Faith Challenge for Catholic Families

Catholic Family Challenge

The Apostolate for Family Consecration is a Catholic organization geared towards helping families grow in holiness. They put on retreats throughout the year including week-long summer fests for families and they produce media resources and faith-based tools to help parents pass on the faith to their children. Their newest project is called Family Hour Initiative and it’s a series of one-hour long video presentations that include dynamic speakers, personal testimonies,  faith challenges and a recited rosary with visual meditations. I […]

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Showing Mercy to Your Kids at Bedtime & FREE Printable!

Mercy to your kids at bedtime

Lying on my back on the floor of my daughters’ bedroom, staring up at the wall as I wait for them to drift off to sleep, one in a toddler bed on my right, and one in a toddler bed on my left. I have to wait until the two-year-old is truly out because as soon as I move to leave the room I hear, “Mommy!” coming from her corner of the room and she immediately starts to stir when […]

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Making It Through, One Prayer At A Time

Consistent prayer has always been a struggle for me and long periods of prayer are nearly impossible, due to lack of motivation and the demands of being a stay at home mom. So this Lent, I have written down my prayer resolutions and have been trying (often failing) to stick to them. Affiliate links included below which means if you click through or purchase something through my links, I’ll receive a small compensation at no cost to you. see full […]

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