From My Kitchen Sink

Morning sunshine dappling the ground, turning the green grass gold. Shadows play in patches of dark and light, under swings hanging quietly, swaying slightly in the cool autumn breeze. Leaves flutter, fluttering as they age, turning yellow and brown. The sound of coffee drip-dripping mingles with the kitchen faucet splish-splashing water onto my fingers, wringing out […]

Thankful Thursday

The challenge in our day to day lives when we get so caught up in the messiness, the drama, and the problems around us, is to remember to be thankful for our blessings and to cherish the little moments. So here are 5 little blessings that I am thankful for this week: 1. Sweet summertime There is […]

Wednesday Wisdom [6/1/16]

Happy June! The month bridging the cool fragrance of spring with the hot stillness of summer. The month where the tree foliage is full and fluttering, sunlight dancing through the leaves and dappling the grass, tall and green from all the spring rain. The flowers and gardens are fully opening in the sunlight, the fireflies and crickets are gathering in […]

Wednesday Wisdom [4/27/16]

“You’re gonna miss this.” This song has played in my head a lot recently. Perhaps because we are starting to think about preschool or because we are on our second round of potty training. Perhaps because my children are starting to look and act more like girls and not babies. They are saying full sentences, […]

Escaping the Comparison Trap

I’ve been in an emotional slump lately. I let myself get down because I see the creativeness, the intelligence, the uniqueness of other people and realize how lacking I am. I fall prey easily to the comparison game when I read an inspirational blog post, see a beautiful, well-dressed woman, hear about someone else’s thought-provoking […]

Wednesday Wisdom [3/9/16]

I found this quote today as I was flipping through my little Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. When we act out of love and out of a desire to do good, we are in a sense praying and it is a prayer that is fragrant. If only we could act in […]

Sailing Time

Time is slipping through my fingers like a fragile gold chain. My days fly by and I don’t even realize it.  All of a sudden it’s 5 o’clock and what have I even done since the morning? All of a sudden it’s two years later and the nine pound newborn we brought home on Christmas […]

The Better Part

Life is heartbreaking.  Not only do we lose people that we know and love but we lose people we have yet to meet. Anyone who has lost a baby through miscarriage, a stillborn, or shortly after delivery know what this is like. The unimaginable grief of a mother having to burying a child who she […]

2015 Fall Images

Swirling, whirling golden pieces falling out of the blue. Rich cinnamon tints and deep sage  and purple hues. Glassy shapes piled and spilling out of chubby palms. Reflecting the crunchy collage that blankets the ground. Sisters swinging arm and arm from the branch that Grandpa prepared. Trying to toe those reddish orange bits hanging by […]