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The One Powerful Secret to Overcome the Overwhelm

Overcome the overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed as a mom is one of the worst feelings in the world. It can make you anxious, restless and frustrated. As the overwhelm mounts in one area of your life, it can overflow into other areas. For instance, I will start to be overwhelmed when I look at my never-ending work at home to-do list.  Then while I’m trying to tackle that list, I notice how messy the house is getting and how much the laundry has piled up […]

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One Load at a Time-Lovely Homemaking Series

One load

Bending down, picking up, spilling over, piling on top, folding and smoothing, straightening up, putting away, stacking high, spilling over again, carrying across the room…..repeat. And repeat again. Piles of dishes dirty in the sink, heaps of laundry dirty in the hamper. The two mounds that never end, an eternal cycle of pile, scrub, rinse, dry, put away, stack, fold, repeat. Then there are those 3 glorious minutes where all the glasses are sparkling in a row, all the silverware is […]

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From My Kitchen Sink- Lovely Homemaking Series

Kitchen Sink

Morning sunshine dappling the ground, turning the green grass gold. Shadows play in patches of dark and light, under swings hanging quietly, swaying slightly in the cool autumn breeze. Leaves flutter, fluttering as they age, turning yellow and brown. The sound of coffee drip-dripping mingles with the kitchen faucet splish-splashing water onto my fingers, wringing out the cloth to wipe my daughter’s sticky face, dripping milk onto the wooden chair, drip dropping from the cereal bowl.   Empty bowls and shiny […]

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5 Things I’m Thankful for This Week-July 2016 Currently

5 things I'm thankful for

The challenge in our day to day lives when we get so caught up in the messiness, the drama, and the problems around us, is to remember to be thankful for our blessings and to cherish the little moments. So here are 5 little blessings that I am thankful for this week:  Sweet summertime There is nothing quite like summer, the hot sun on your skin as you soak in the cool pool water, the warm nights with fire-flies lighting up […]

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On the Meaning Behind the Name: 5 Reasons I Call This “Lovely Little Lives”

lovely little lives

Every blog has a story behind the title, there is usually a reason, sometimes multiple reasons why writers pick the titles they do. Here are mine for the name Lovely Little Lives. I wanted a Catchy Blog Name. Doesn’t everyone?  Three-word phrases seem to be a good length for a blog, something short and clear but long enough to spark interest and to encourage readers to ask: “why that one?” The alliteration was an added bonus, and I think the […]

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How to Escape the Comparison Trap

Escape the Comparison Trap

I’ve been in an emotional slump lately. I let myself get down because I see the creativeness, the intelligence, the uniqueness of other people and realize how lacking I am. I fall prey easily to the comparison game when I read an inspirational blog post, see a beautiful, well-dressed woman, hear about someone else’s thought-provoking ideas, see pictures of someone’s cute home decor or artsy designs. Then I instantly look at my own ideas, my own creativity, and wish I […]

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