Losing My Baby: 6 Ways to Cope

2016 will always be the year that we lost our third child. We have two healthy little girls, and had never experienced any type of fertility problems before. There was always a little bit of pride in me that I had regular fertility patterns and could have a baby whenever I wanted. And then the inevitable […]

To My Little One

  Dearest Little One, Where do I begin?  We were just getting used to the idea of you. Just starting to be excited and make plans and adjust our schedule for the next nine months. There was even a photo session pending so we could announce your presence to the world. We only had a […]

Wednesday Wisdom [5/25/16]

Rest in Peace Baby Austin Mercy. 5.24.2016. Remembering, loving, missing my precious tiny baby in Heaven today. God’s ways are often mysterious, confusing, and hard to bear. Yet His plan is perfect  and His way is the best way and someday, all the pieces will make sense when they finally fit together. But in the […]

The Better Part

Life is heartbreaking.  Not only do we lose people that we know and love but we lose people we have yet to meet. Anyone who has lost a baby through miscarriage, a stillborn, or shortly after delivery know what this is like. The unimaginable grief of a mother having to burying a child who she […]