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5 Ways to Honor Your Baby Gone Too Soon

Honor Your Baby

Today marks a sad anniversary. A year ago today we lost a baby to an ectopic pregnancy. A year ago I was in the ER with terrible cramps, being prepped for the surgery that couldn’t be avoided. I was experiencing the first death in my immediate family. The closest grief my heart has ever known began that day as I realized for the first time that healthy pregnancies can not be taken for granted. Like a dip in ice cold […]

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To all my Friends who have lost Babies

To my friends

To my dear friends, My heart is saddened every time I hear of another loss whether it be through miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy or a stillborn. So many of you are just like me and my husband, young married couples with one or two kids or trying to have your first and then the inevitable happens. The baby or babies die. Everyone’s experience and grief is different but I am here to offer as much comfort to you as I […]

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Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? That is the Question.

Pro Life

Note: if you are going to respond to this post, and you do not agree with my beliefs, please be courteous. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. I am not here to bash or be insensitive to others. I am here to say something that I firmly believe to be true and that has been on my heart to say for a long time. I believe we need to recognize the dignity of life […]

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To My Little One-A Letter to My Baby In Heaven

To My Little One

Dearest Little One, Where do I begin?  We were just getting used to the idea of you. Just starting to be excited and make plans and adjust our schedule for the next nine months. There was even a photo session pending so we could announce your presence to the world. We only had a few short weeks where life carried on as normal. We went to baseball games, enjoyed the spring sunshine, had play dates and doctor appointments. We started […]

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