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23 Lovely Items to Put in the Little Easter Baskets

Filling Easter baskets is always such a fun part of preparing for Easter. I love coming up with new items each year and finding practical ideas that I know my children will enjoy. Since I have all girls, the Easter items tend to be on the girly side and I also try to include items that the whole family can enjoy such as bags of candy that my husband and I like as well as the kids so that we can all share.  […]

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How We Do Easter


Easter this year was well ….interesting. The direction of my life the past few years just doesn’t quite lend itself to the kind of Easter I used to have. The kind of Easter filled with family meal traditions, reflective church services, feasting and relaxing around the Easter Sunday table is no longer an option for me and there are two main reasons for that. One, because I can no longer make it to my family’s Easter states away where all the […]

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3 Kid-Friendly Easter Crafts for the Non-Crafty Type

Easter Crafts

I usually don’t get very crafty, in fact, I used to be anti-craft because it takes a lot of work and thought, supply prepping and clean up but I must be getting more ambitious because this Easter I did THREE crafts within a week! They are still really simple and use basic craft supplies that most households already have but they are fun and help create a joyful Easter mood. Make for a nursing home, send to family members or just craft […]

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