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11 Colorful Children’s Books to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s day, I wanted to share some awesome books and resources I’ve found to help celebrate this fun holiday with children. Whether you are Irish, or not, this holiday is a great excuse to wear green, make shamrock crafts, and remember the great bishop and Catholic saint of Ireland. Our church is actually called St. Patrick’s church so there is a big festival and carnival that takes place to celebrate with food, music, raffle prizes and games. I was […]

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15 Cheap & Easy Indoor Activities for Energetic Children

Indoor activities

Cold weather lasts for a long time in the Midwest. Usually from October – April we can expect blustery, rainy, icy, snowy or just plain freezing weather. Even though we do get a ton of sunshine out here in the winter, it’s still really cold. My kids have never been outdoorsy kind of kids in the winter. They get excited when there is a big snow storm or fresh rain puddles and they bundle up and go adventuring in the […]

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3 Kid-Friendly Easter Crafts for the Non-Crafty Type

Easter Crafts

I usually don’t get very crafty, in fact, I used to be anti-craft because it takes a lot of work and thought, supply prepping and clean up but I must be getting more ambitious because this Easter I did THREE crafts within a week! They are still really simple and use basic craft supplies that most households already have but they are fun and help create a joyful Easter mood. Make for a nursing home, send to family members or just craft […]

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