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October 18, 2016
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I haven’t posted in awhile on the blog because I’ve been busy posting content to other sites! This month, I joined the Divine Mercy for Moms Book Club and wrote this post for Chapter 5 on living out the spiritual works of mercy

It’s a book I would highly recommend to any mom wanting to grow in faith and mercy. It’s easy to read and packed full of helpful tips.

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I also had a post published on this month: Letter to my Baby in Heaven.

Speaking of Catholicmommyblogs, the founder, Lis Luwia, wrote an ebook on a Mother’s Guide to Spiritual Direction and she is selling them for just $5  a piece. I have read it and it is a great resource for moms wanting to deepen their faith. Don’t miss out on your copy! Buy it here.

The 2016 online Catholic Conference for Moms is offering 20 downloadable talks. I bought the packet back in the spring and listened to these and they are an inspiring collection to reflect on and pray with! Click the picture below for access-$20 for the whole set of 20 talks:
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My monthly post for Catholicmom is called Conquering the Four O’Clock Feeling that explores a challenge that I encounter daily as a busy mom. Read it here.

Catholic Resources and Features

Lastly, my husband and I just went on a marriage encounter to celebrate our five year anniversary and I would highly recommend this retreat to any married couple, whether you are struggling or thriving in your marriage. This retreat brought us closer than we have ever been before, and I am not even kidding. You can find out more and book a weekend near you through this website. It is a 100 dollars to register but it’s worth every penny. You won’t regret going, trust me!