Falling for Fall Photos Challenge

The Instagram photo challenge: #fallingforfallphotos is finished! Some of days were challenging (I almost forgot to do a couple of the posts), and a few of the pictures are a little bit of a stretch in keeping with the category of the day, but nevertheless I posted a something for every day. It was fun and I love looking back to see all the memories and moments associated with each picture. It’s like a mini fall scrapbook!

I’m linking up this post with Stephanie at wifemommyme.com where you can see how all the other participants portrayed each category.  It’s really amazing how many different pictures and stories can correlate with the same daily themes.

Here is my #fallingforfallphoto challenge favorite photos with the captions I wrote on Instagram to tell the story of each post:

{Day 2-Comfort Food}

comfort-foodI had it all planned out, I was going to make pork chops and Mac and cheese and greens beans with apple crisp for dessert for today’s comfort food photo challenge….well life happened and we ended up eating sandwiches and leftovers for dinner but I still managed to make the apple crisp so it will have to do for day 2 of the#fallingforfallphotos challenge!

{Day 4-Outside}

outsideIs there anything better when you’re a little kid than roaming along a grassy path in the sunshine surrounded by endless rows of apple trees and filling your bucket with ripe fruit you picked all by yourself? Our first orchard experience was a success!

{Day 5-My View}

my-viewMy pizza creation in my brother in law’s hand crafted pizza oven!

{Day 6-Sweet Treat}

Football parties call for chocolate frosting and pound cakes, shaped appropriately for football of course.

{Day 7-Pumpkins}

pumpkinsMy decorative fall shelf continues to be a little blessing that I really savor. It’s so festive and colorful, brightening up the corner with the figurine reminder of tender love between a mother and child.

{Day 8-Cozy}

cozyI couldn’t get a good picture of both of them together so here are two separate pictures squashed together to make one😉 Can you tell?

{Day 9-Orange}

orangeToday the photo challenge is something “orange” so here is the deliciousness that is Dorothy lynch dressing. It’s very orange! If you live in Nebraska you know what I’m talking about😉

{Day 10-Starts with F}


F is for football! Watching my favorite team with some of my favorite people!

{Day 11-Craft}

Paint, paint brushes and a glass ornament ball. Craft for a memorial Christmas tree lighting at the cemetery in December in memory of the baby we lost.

{Day 12-Tradition}

tradition#tradition=our annual visit to the greatest pumpkin patch!

{Day 14-Thankful}

Thankful my blogiversary series is complete and my first giveaway was a success! It’s a lot of work writing 4+ posts in 8 days and promoting my giveaway for the last week but it’s a satisfying kind of work. Do ya know what I mean?

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{Day 17-Flowers}

flowersJust enjoying the little delights of childhood like leaning over a wooden bridge among flowers and pumpkins on a perfect fall day.

{Day 19-Sunset}

sunsetSisters in the sunset, throwback to our beach vacation on this gloomy rainy fall day.

{Day 20-Favorite Spot}


My favorite place is at a husker football night game when the huskers get a huge win and my best friend is cheering at my side.

{Day 25-From Where I Stand}

from-where-i-standWatching my two year old swing like a big girl!

{Day 27-Hayride}

hayride#TBT to the pumpkin patch hayride.

{Day 28-Moment}

momentMy curly haired, moody two year old😉. She is so cute and yet so grumpy at the same time. This photo sums up my motherhood experience most days, but I wouldn’t trade these days for anything. #thejoyandthestruggle

Fall for fall photo Challenge

Did you notice there were multiple football posts in this challenge? We do love our college football! It’s one of the most exciting parts about fall. That and cute little fashionistas like my daughter in her boots and red sweater with a mess of curls.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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