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Helpful Resources for Celebrating Advent with Your Family

Advent is coming so very soon, it seems like the end of the year comes quicker every year doesn’t it? I’m joining up with the Catholic Women Blog Network’s monthly blog hop to bring you a rich collection of posts focused on the liturgical season of Advent. Advent is celebrated in the Catholic Church as the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day. It’s a beautiful time of preparing our hearts and homes to celebrate Christ’s birth. Here are some resources […]

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The Importance of Teaching Values to Children

*This is a guest post by Claire, a personal and professional development expert. If you are interested in guest posting for lovely little lives, please see the “work with me” option in the sidebar.* One of the biggest fears every new parent has is how are they going to transfer their knowledge, values and the sense of right and wrong on to their children. In this case, you need to play it by ear, determine when your child is ready […]

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