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The Importance of Teaching Values to Children

*This is a guest post by Claire, a personal and professional development expert. If you are interested in guest posting for lovely little lives, please see the “work with me” option in the sidebar.* One of the biggest fears every new parent has is how are they going to transfer their knowledge, values and the sense of right and wrong on to their children. In this case, you need to play it by ear, determine when your child is ready […]

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15 Cheap & Easy Indoor Activities for Energetic Children

Indoor activities

Cold weather lasts for a long time in the Midwest. Usually from October – April we can expect blustery, rainy, icy, snowy or just plain freezing weather. Even though we do get a ton of sunshine out here in the winter, it’s still really cold. My kids have never been outdoorsy kind of kids in the winter. They get excited when there is a big snow storm or fresh rain puddles and they bundle up and go adventuring in the […]

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To Each of My Children on Mother’s Day

You are my children, the ones that call me Mom. The ones that I carried for nine months each, sacrificing my own comfort for your survival. I am the first one to know about your existence, second only to God. I am the one who told your Daddy about you. I am the one who felt your first movement within me and I am the first to hold you after delivery. I have been with you from the very beginning […]

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