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Make Your Home Life Lovelier & Your Family Life Happier

Homemaking Bundle

Homemaking and parenting are tough jobs. Every day requires you to give something of yourself, put your own needs aside to care for your home and family, and oftentimes you end up feeling alone, frazzled and unfulfilled. Do you ever wish that someone would just hand you a manual on how to accomplish it all? We all want to live to our potential and to have a fulfilling intentional life but it’s so easy to get lost in the mundane routines, […]

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The Ultimate Family Bucket List for an Absolutely Lovely Summer

Summer Bucket List

We have entered the summer season once again and for my family this summer is particularly special. It is the last summer before school begins. Our oldest will start preschool in the fall which will begin a new season of life for us. We will have to adjust our schedule and our routine especially since I stay at home with my kids and before this we haven’t been involved in anything as rigid as the school day rhythm.  We will […]

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On the Meaning Behind the Name: 5 Reasons I Call This “Lovely Little Lives”

lovely little lives

Every blog has a story behind the title, there is usually a reason, sometimes multiple reasons why writers pick the titles they do. Here are mine for the name Lovely Little Lives. I wanted a Catchy Blog Name. Doesn’t everyone?  Three-word phrases seem to be a good length for a blog, something short and clear but long enough to spark interest and to encourage readers to ask: “why that one?” The alliteration was an added bonus, and I think the […]

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