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Blog Scheduling & Social Media Promotion + Free Blog Promotion Spreadsheet

Blog Scheduling

This is it! The finale of my Blogiversary Series! Today I am sharing a little secret with you: An inside look at how I keep track of blog scheduling and social media promotions.

Keeping up with writing posts, promoting yourself, growing followers and posting affiliates can be chaotic and overwhelming if you don’t have a plan, which I learned the hard way.

Once I started signing up for informational webinars, studying email courses and applying for affiliate programs, it was enough to make my head spin and it takes the fun out of the process! Here is a list of free resources,  I’ve used and learned from so far.

Blog Schedule & Social Media Promotion plus a Free Blog Promotion Spreadsheet

So I learned to take a deep breath and to just take it all in stride. That way, I learn more and enjoy it more! When I am listening to a webinar or reading up on a new blogging strategy. I take notes so that I have a guideline of the important points that I want to implement and I also jot down any apps or websites mentioned so that I can go look those up later.

Then, over the course of weeks, I transfer those notes to bite-sized action tasks on my sticky note system.  A handy little free feature on Windows. My system has 4 or 5 different colored notes with a list of tasks for each category. I have a list for the blog, a list for my medical billing work, a list of personal tasks, and a list to do today.

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When there are things I want to definitely work on today I transfer them from all the other lists to my “To Do Today List.” As tasks get completed, I just delete them off the list. I always have a lot going on so this amount of tasks is pretty typical.

Recently, I also added my blog schedule to my google calendar. I love google calendar! It’s how my husband and I organize our life between our work and social engagements, deadlines, meetings and tasks. We have it synced up and shared so that we can see everything that the other person adds and have the notifications pops up on our phones a half hour before the next event is happening.

It also allows us to create different calendars and color schemes for different categories. So my blog schedule is all on one calendar and I have it set to private so my husband isn’t bombarded with reminders that he doesn’t need. And I am able to hide the other calendars when I need to focus on just one calendar at a time. October is a busy month with my Blogiversary Series, Book Giveaway, Falling for Fall Photos Challenge, my Catholic Mom articles and some special edition monthly link ups like Stranded and What’s Your Groove

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To help me better track everything, I created a blogging interaction schedule which I am happy to share with you! Please feel free to use it as a reference or modify it and make it your own schedule! I recommend all the Facebook groups listed for mom blogs.

This schedule is a work in progress that I add to and modify as needed. It is more like a set of guidelines because honestly, I don’t have time to complete all the tasks I have listed for each day. But it gives me a schedule to go off of so that I am not scrambling to figure out which Facebook groups have promo threads on which days or what time of day is best to share content on social media.

When I consistently implement these strategies, I see a huge improvement in traffic and interaction with my content. Last September I posted my first post and I had a total of 312 views from September 2015 to January 2016.

From January 2016 through now, I’ve had 4,168 views and that is after starting and continuing to implement my blog scheduling and social media strategies. Hopefully, I will continue to grow my blog exposure and continue to streamline my sharing routine to make even more traffic progress!blog-views

I recently came across this handy little schedule from CoSchedule to figure out when to re-share old content so as to give old posts new life and hopefully attract more traffic.


For more tips and resources visit my collection of blogging advice on Pinterest

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Cheers to blogging and motherhood!

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