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15 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary


I walked down the aisle this week……in my mind’s eye. I relived that perfect magical day complete with elegant champagne glasses overflowing with bubbles and wedding cake smeared in my long curls. I recreated the fluttery excitement of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding morning, the long anxious stroll on my father’s arm with a blur of faces smiling at me and a clear, handsome face waiting by gleaming altar steps. I looked down at my wedding ring, dulled by years of washing dishes and changing […]

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Here’s to Five Years of Marriage- A Tribute to My Husband

5 years of marriage

We are celebrating five years of marriage this year and as I look back on these past years of married life it seems only fitting to write a tribute to man who made me a Mrs. Here’s to the man who caught my attention as a blue-eyed high school football player. The man who became my friend, my confident, my dream of someday. The man who wrote me long letters in his best cursive, sent me surprise roses in the mail, […]

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One Boot Print at a Time

One Boot Print at a Time

A jumble of curls, ivory lace and flying ribbons darts down the aisle, brown leather boots trotting silently on the gleaming floor.  A small chubby hand grasping the condensed stems of dainty Baby’s Breath. Another smaller chubby hand also grasps the stems of a tiny bouquet but this little girl is not flying by in a whirlwind, she is not a blur of lace and ribbon. No, this one stands stock still at the back of the aisle, right where […]

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Highly Defined-The Lovely Little Lives Family Story

highly defined

Sometimes there are things, little things and big things that happen that seem like more than just coincidence, little reminders that there is a God who loves us and is sending us love letters through our everyday lives. When I was deciding whether to move my life to another state to be closer to my long-distance relationship I was praying one day in the student chapel and there was a larger-than-life Bible lying open on a stand by the altar. […]

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