15 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

I walked down the aisle this week……in my mind’s eye. I relived  that perfect magical day complete with elegant champagne glasses overflowing with bubbles and wedding cake smeared in my long curls. I recreated the fluttery excitement of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding morning, the long anxious stroll on my father’s arm with a blur of faces smiling […]

To My Children’s Daddy

This post contains affiliate links To my Husband, You are the one my children call Daddy. You are the one they run to when you come home after a long work day. You are the one they ask about in the morning and afternoon: “Where did Daddy go?” and then they reassure themselves by answering their […]

Wednesday Wisdom [4/13/16]

Today I’m in the mood to put up a humorous quote so here it is: I will be the first to plead guilty of this mind-changing business.  A certain bathroom remodel comes to mind involving two different kinds of trim and triple the work because someone kept changing her mind. A shout out to my admirable husband […]

One Boot Print at a Time

A jumble of curls, ivory lace and flying ribbons darts down the aisle, brown leather boots trotting silently on the gleaming floor.  A small chubby hand grasping the condensed stems of dainty Baby’s Breath. Another smaller chubby hand also grasps the stems of a tiny bouquet but this little girl is not flying by in […]