A Letter To My Children’s Daddy

To my Husband,

You are the one my children call Daddy. You are the one they run to when you come home after a long work day. You are the one they ask about in the morning and afternoon: “Where did Daddy go?” Then they reassure themselves by answering their own question: “Daddy at work.”

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I love to watch you wrap them up in bear hugs, snuggle them in your recliner, share popcorn with them, wrestle with them, tickle them, goof around with them, and bless them when they are going to sleep. I love to watch you melt when they say “I love you, Daddy” when they reach their arms up to be held by you. I love how you love your little princesses.

I love how your relationship with them embodies the “Daddy’s Little Princess” mentality.

You were my prince first and now I share with you two little daughters who look up to you as their prince in shining armor. I hope they will always see you that way, and as they grow, I look forward to watching the father-daughter relationship blossom between you. It is a precious sight to watch, especially from a mother’s perspective and watching you with them makes me fall in love with you all over again. I am so blessed to be able to call YOU the Daddy of my children.  It is a dream come true.

A Letter to My Children's Daddy

Happy Father’s Day, Sweetheart! Here is to many more years of growing together and making memories as a family.

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13 thoughts on “A Letter To My Children’s Daddy”

  1. How sweet! We don’t have any daughters yet, but if we are blessed with one at some point she will have her Daddy wrapped around her finger. 🙂 Thanks to God for great daddies!!

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