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11 Colorful Children’s Books to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s day, I wanted to share some awesome books and resources I’ve found to help celebrate this fun holiday with children. Whether you are Irish, or not, this holiday is a great excuse to wear green, make shamrock crafts, and remember the great bishop and Catholic saint of Ireland. Our church is actually called St. Patrick’s church so there is a big festival and carnival that takes place to celebrate with food, music, raffle prizes and games. I was […]

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15 Cheap & Easy Indoor Activities for Energetic Children

Indoor activities

Cold weather lasts for a long time in the Midwest. Usually from October – April we can expect blustery, rainy, icy, snowy or just plain freezing weather. Even though we do get a ton of sunshine out here in the winter, it’s still really cold. My kids have never been outdoorsy kind of kids in the winter. They get excited when there is a big snow storm or fresh rain puddles and they bundle up and go adventuring in the […]

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5 Comfort Food Recipes to Make in the Cold Weather Months

comfort food

The world outside is cold, with piles of snow and icy roads, blustery winds and early nights. What better way to counter the cold weather than to fill your kitchen with the clattering of measuring cups, the warmth of the oven and the wafting aromas of comfort food recipes like freshly baked goods or hot savory soups? Today, I’m sharing with you some of our family favorites that we make during the fall and winter months. Click on each recipe […]

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Embrace the Playdate


We had a playdate Valentines Day party. I invited a group of Heather and Stella’s little friends over to exchange valentines, fill up on sugar and decorate festive bags with glitter and hearts. It was fun to see all the little girls playing together and nibbling their cookies around our child-sized table. To watch the frenzy of valentines being exchanged from hand to hand, as the children whirled about trying to figure out which valentine went to which friend under […]

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