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How to Throw a Lovely Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party

Sleeping Beauty birthday party

Pink is her favorite color. So a pink party is what we had. Pink as in Sleeping Beauty pink. A Sleeping Beauty birthday party is all she talked about for months. She invented the menu herself, asking for “crown burgers” and strawberry cake with pink frosting. So I gathered my Pinterest ideas and my party planning printable and I put my creative juices to work. I’ve been planning princess parties for my daughters for years now so the system is […]

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How to Plan a Sensational Snow White Party

Snow White Birthday Party

Crimson and navy and gold. Bright bold primary colors fill the room. Balloons glinting, ribbons curling, paper lanterns swaying, silk shimmering, glitter sparkling. Soft white roses and red felt apples are scattered about. A little girl with a red bow in her dark hair dashes by. Her rosy cheeks match the checks of the Snow White figure balloon bobbing over her head.  A blue banner swaying lightly in the air describes her perfectly in this moment: “Stella is the fairest one of […]

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Disney Princess Gift Guide for Your Little Princess

Disney Princess Gift Guide

My daughters absolutely love Disney Princesses. They have a princess bedroom, princess clothes, princess toys, princess birthday parties, they make up stories about princesses, they read princesses books, they watch Disney Princess shows, know all the songs by heart and spend the majority of their day asking to listen to princess music on Spotify. Basically, they live and breathe Disney Princesses as a four-year-old and a two-year-old so when it comes to buying them gifts for Christmas and birthdays, the majority of the […]

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Everything You Need to Have a Lovely Cinderella Birthday Party

Affiliate links included below which means if you click through or purchase something through my links, I’ll receive a small compensation at no cost to you. see full disclosure here. She looked like a princess. Soft pastel butterflies floated about her shoulders over a blue tulle dress that swirled to her ankles. Gold slippers peeked out underneath the full skirt. Her blond hair twisted up at the back of her head.  Mommy’s wedding tiara sparkling above her forehead to match the […]

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How to Throw a Fabulous Frozen Party for a Three Year Old


Little girl with round rosy cheeks and soft brown curls, bouncing from person to person, giggling with great delight. The sparkle in her eyes reflecting the glittery balloons and silver tulle ribbons scattered about the room. Tall male cousins duck to avoid the colorful paper snowflakes swirling overhead and eager fingers fill white plates with sandwich roll-ups, plump strawberries and squares of cheese. Purple cups of fizzy blue punch with foaming flecks of white ice cream pass from hand to hand. […]

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My Baby is Three – A Look Back on Her Birth & Birthdays

My baby

In some ways it seemed like she was just born, in other ways it seems like a very long time ago. Nevertheless, she is turning three today and that fact in itself is hard to comprehend. Three years ago I was sick with a fever and congestion and very pregnant. While I would have preferred a long night of sleep, I felt a pop right around midnight and  my water broke in bed. Shuffling around in the dark, frantically looking […]

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