Disney Princess Gift Guide for Your Little Princess

My daughters absolutely love Disney Princesses. They have a princess bedroom, princess clothes, princess toys, princess birthday parties, they make up stories about princesses, they read princesses books, they watch Disney Princess shows, know all the songs by heart and spend the majority of their day asking to listen to princess music on Spotify.

Basically, they live and breathe Disney Princesses as a four-year-old and a two-year-old so when it comes to buying them gifts for Christmas and birthdays, the majority of the presents they receive are….you guessed it, Disney Princess related.

Whether it is Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Aurora, Merida, Snow White, Elsa, Anna, Tiana, Jasmine or Mulan my daughters get excited, so I’ve compiled a list of 25 great gifts that they are sure to love, in fact they were practically drooling over these products when I was making this post!

*Updated: My daughters who are now seven and five still love all their Disney Princess Toys and now our third toddler daughter does too!*

Disney Princess Gift Guide for Your Little Princess

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Disney Princess Gift List

Some of these items we already own or have a variation of such as the plush dolls, Magiclip sets, the sheet set and the princess fleece blankets, and the  Prince Charming Barbie doll.

Chances are if my daughters love these gifts, your princess-loving daughter will love them too! You really can’t go wrong with any of these options.

Doll picks and accessories for endless hours of play and pretend, cuddles and imagination

Disney Princess Plush Dolls

My oldest daughter has taken her Rapunzel plush doll everywhere since she was two, slept with, traveled with it, lost it and found it again. I have half a mind to get her new one since the dress is torn and the stuffing is falling out because the doll is so well loved! See the full collection on Amazon.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress-up Dolls

We have a few of these around our house, dressing up and creating endless outfits magnetic dolls is so fun for little girls!

Little Kingdom Magiclip Fashion Set

When my daughter turned three, we introduced her to Magiclip dolls and she absolutely loved them! Snap the rubber outfits on and off for a quick dress change.

Magiclip Fairytale Wedding Collection

You can never go wrong with wedding themed dolls for a little girl’s present. It’s like a dream come true! Click the picture to purchase:

Glitter Glider Castle Playset

A castle designed to bring dolls to life through gliding movement and extra sparkle.

Disney Prince Collection 12″Classic Dolls

Our house has tons of princess Barbies but not many princes to go with them so this the perfect gift to add to a princess Barbie collection! Choose from the full set of Prince barbies or individual barbies such as Princes Charming.

Princess Royal Doll Collection

If you don’t have Princess Barbies yet then they should definitely be on your gift list. My daughters play with theirs constantly.

Three-Foot Tall Royal Dreams Castle

How much would your daughter love a  full sized castle perfect for Barbie dolls?!

Princess Barbie Horse and Carriage

Don’t forget the horse and carriage to cart the barbie royalty around in!

Dress-up options for your little princess to bring her imagination to life

Disney Princess Royal Tea Set

My daughters absolutely love playing with a set similar to this when we visit their great Aunt’s house. And it’s plastic so no fear of breaking that “china.”

Princess Dress Up Trunk

If your little girls are walking around saying things like: “Look at me, I’m a princess” or “Look,  I’m Cinderella”  Then they will love having a trunk of princess dress-up clothes.

Princess Shoe Boutique

And of course, you can’t forget about the shoes to match!

Books and Games with a Princess Twist

My Busy Books Activity Storybook and Playmat

This book includes activities, a play mat and little figurines for endless hours of fun!

Candy Land Game Disney Princess Edition

Almost every child loves the candy land game, so why not add princesses to make it even more appealing?

Princess Matching Game

My daughters love matching games and they even entertain themselves by naming all the princesses printed on the cards.

Dazzling Sticker Dress Up

Sticker books are some of the most fun products I’ve come across as a mom and my four year old loves them!

Disney Princess Cookbook

For the little cook or baker who also loves princesses, this present will be a blast! A cookbook filled with colorful, child-friendly recipes taken right from the fairy tale stories!

Items fit for a Princess to give her bedroom a royal touch

Princess Pajama Sets

Every little Princess needs cozy themed jammies. My daughters ask to wear theirs over and over again.

Princess Fleece Blanket

I bought princess fleece blankets for my daughters last year to double as comforters for their toddler beds and they use them constantly, both to snuggle with at night and to carry around the house during the day.

Two-Piece Sheet Set

Another gift that we use daily at our house: princess sheets and pillowcases. Essential items for a royal princess bedroom. And don’t forget the princess sleeping bags!

Children’s Table and Chair Set

This sweet little set would be perfect for a playroom or bedroom. We don’t have one of these yet but my daughters would love it for tea parties and indoor picnics with their dolls.

Princess Luggage Case

What a fun way to take the princesses traveling with your daughter. Check out all the fun options for Disney princess luggage!

Light-Up Canvas Wall Art

Wall art adds that little touch of magic to any room and this one is especially fun because it lights up!

Music for every Princess Loving Heart

Fairy Tale Songs CD

My daughters love singing and dancing and they prefer listening to princess music 90% of the time so this compilation of all the best princess songs is perfect for them.

Disney Princess Christmas Album

I just discovered Disney Princess Christmas music and am excited to add it to my children’s Christmas playlist for this year. You can listen to it on prime Amazon music or buy the CD.

Happy shopping and try not to get too carried away in fairy-tale land. 😉

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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