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How to Bask in the Loveliness of a Festive Fall

Festive fall

Leaves are turning colors, swirling down, settling in the grass. Boots are crunching them underfoot. Children are back to school, pumpkins are ripening and twilights are darkening earlier. Fringed scarves are being draped around shoulders, jackets are being buttoned up, footballs are being thrown across yards, apples are being picked, Halloween costumes are being selected, pumpkin recipes are being baked. It is fall time and we are living it in all it’s festive loveliness. How do we stop and savor […]

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How to Have a Fun & Free Fall with Your Family

Family Fall

This week as the attention turns towards being thankful, it seemed an appropriate time to look back on the many fond memories and fun moments we have had this fall. Here are some of our favorite activities we’re thankful for this fall and perhaps these will inspire you to create similar moments with your family, (if you don’t already). Affiliate links included below. See full disclosure here. Outdoor Picnics You can’t beat picnics and eating outdoors! It’s a novelty in […]

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How to Plan a Spirited Football Party (On a Budget)

Football Party

This year, I went all out for the football party we hosted, complete with moving furniture to accommodate more guests, decorating the dining room with banners, backdrops and Nebraska accents and even making football shaped cakes. Affiliate links included below which means if you click through or purchase something through my links. I’ll receive a small compensation at no cost to you. see full disclosure here. Here are my tips for hosting a fun and affordable football party: 1) Make a […]

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My Favorite Football Moments – 2016 Memories

Football Moments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. if you are a football fan! My husband especially waits all year for football season and then watches football videos on You tube weeks before the first kickoff. The kids and I enjoy watching the videos with him as the excitement builds for another season. We are a college football family so every fall brings with it the anticipation of football parties, attending games and tailgates, dressing in matching outfits every Saturday, cheering until […]

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Falling for Fall Photos Challenge

Falling for Fall

The Instagram photo challenge: #fallingforfallphotos is finished! Some of days were challenging (I almost forgot to do a couple of the posts), and a few of the pictures are a little bit of a stretch in keeping with the category of the day, but nevertheless I posted a something for every day. It was fun and I love looking back to see all the memories and moments associated with each picture. It’s like a mini fall scrapbook! I’m linking up this post […]

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2015 Fall Images-A Lovely Little Poem

Fall Images

Swirling, whirling golden pieces falling out of the blue. Rich cinnamon tints and deep sage and purple hues. Glass shapes piled and spilling out of chubby palms. Reflecting the crunchy collage that blankets the ground. Sisters swinging arm and arm from the branch that Grandpa prepared. Trying to toe those reddish orange bits hanging by a breath of air. Little brown boots and golden ringlets flitting through a meadow. Chasing fluffy puppy tails and hungry hopping sparrows. Faint peach rays […]

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