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How to Bask in the Loveliness of a Festive Fall

September 15, 2017
Festive fall

Leaves are turning colors, swirling down, settling in the grass. Boots are crunching them underfoot. Children are back to school, pumpkins are ripening and twilights are darkening earlier. Fringed scarves are being draped around shoulders, jackets are being buttoned up, footballs are being thrown across yards, apples are being picked, Halloween costumes are being selected, […]

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How to Plan a Spirited Football Party (On a Budget)

November 14, 2016
Football Party

This year, I went all out for the football party we hosted, complete with moving furniture to accommodate more guests, decorating the dining room with banners, backdrops and Nebraska accents and even making football shaped cakes. Affiliate links included below which means if you click through or purchase something through my links. I’ll receive a […]

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