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3 Birthdays…..Going on 4! Reminisce. Savor. Anticipate.

3 Birthdays going on 4

My oldest daughter is going to be 4 IN A FEW HOURS. We have been planning her party for weeks and she has been diligently informing everyone she sees: “I’m having a Tangled party!” She is excited. I am excited. I’ve been meticulously planning and crafting and gathering “RSVPs” and making sure every little sunburst banner and “Paschal” party blower is just so. I can hardly wait to see it all come together and play I See The Light while our […]

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To Each of My Children on Mother’s Day

You are my children, the ones that call me Mom. The ones that I carried for nine months each, sacrificing my own comfort for your survival. I am the first one to know about your existence, second only to God. I am the one who told your Daddy about you. I am the one who felt your first movement within me and I am the first to hold you after delivery. I have been with you from the very beginning […]

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My (Almost) Sleeping Beauties

sleeping beauties

Lying on my back on the floor of my daughters’ bedroom, staring up at the wall as I wait for them to drift off to sleep. One in a toddler bed on my right, and one in a toddler bed on my left, my almost sleeping beauties. I have to wait until the two-year-old is truly out because as soon as I move to leave the room, I hear “Mommy” coming from her corner of the room and she immediately will […]

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Seeking the Perfect in the Imperfect

the perfect in the imperfect

Sunday morning is always a flurry of activity at our house. Well at first it isn’t. Sundays usually start out really slow moving and relaxing. We drink our coffee while the kids play. We lounge on the couch and talk. But then the clock starts ticking and we start rushing because we spent so much time relaxing. There is the hustling to shower and to pick out outfits that sometimes match and sometimes don’t. There is the diaper changing, the […]

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