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Disney Princess Gift Guide for Your Little Princess

November 5, 2017
Disney Princess Gift Guide

My daughters absolutely love Disney Princesses. They have a princess bedroom, princess clothes, princess toys, princess birthday parties, they make up stories about princesses, they read princesses books, they watch Disney Princess shows, know all the songs by heart and spend the majority of their day asking to listen to princess music on Spotify. Basically, they live and […]

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Nine Going on Nineteen

September 22, 2017

*Guest post by fellow mom blogger: Katie. If you are interested in guest posting for Lovely Little Lives, go to the “Work With Me” tab in the right sidebar. By all accounts, I am very lucky. My nine-year-old son, Jack, is a great kid. He’s polite, kind, compassionate, outgoing, and does well in school. He […]

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How to Bask in the Loveliness of a Festive Fall

September 15, 2017
Festive fall

Leaves are turning colors, swirling down, settling in the grass. Boots are crunching them underfoot. Children are back to school, pumpkins are ripening and twilights are darkening earlier. Fringed scarves are being draped around shoulders, jackets are being buttoned up, footballs are being thrown across yards, apples are being picked, Halloween costumes are being selected, […]

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