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40 Lovely Disney Princess Backpacks for Little Girls

I’ve said this so many times this year that I’ starting to feel like a broken record, but I’ll say it again, time is FLYING by! Here we are almost to the end of July and besides trying to enjoy the summer with family visits, playdates, lake days and doing for the library summer reading program, I’ve been trying to get not one, but TWO children ready for the school year! Affiliate links included below which means if you click through or […]

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How to Plan a Sensational Snow White Party

Snow White Birthday Party

Crimson and navy and gold. Bright bold primary colors fill the room. Balloons glinting, ribbons curling, paper lanterns swaying, silk shimmering, glitter sparkling. Soft white roses and red felt apples are scattered about. A little girl with a red bow in her dark hair dashes by. Her rosy cheeks match the checks of the Snow White figure balloon bobbing over her head.  A blue banner swaying lightly in the air describes her perfectly in this moment: “Stella is the fairest one of […]

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The One Powerful Secret to Overcome the Overwhelm

Overcome the overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed as a mom is one of the worst feelings in the world. It can make you anxious, restless and frustrated. As the overwhelm mounts in one area of your life, it can overflow into other areas. For instance, I will start to be overwhelmed when I look at my never-ending work at home to-do list.  Then while I’m trying to tackle that list, I notice how messy the house is getting and how much the laundry has piled up […]

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The Birth Story of Our Little Rose

The Birth Story of Our Little Rose

Here we are, almost two months after the birth of our little one and I’m finally getting around to posting her birth story and newborn pictures. This was our second December baby and it’s always a whirlwind having a baby right before the holidays. Not only were we adjusting to the new baby but we had Christmas parties and events. There was our oldest daughter’s preschool Christmas program, our middle daughter’s 4th birthday party and the baby’s baptism. And of […]

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How to Stay Healthy After Having a Baby

Healthy After Baby

*This is a guest post submitted by Diana Smith while I take a break to have my third baby! Diana is a full-time mom to two daughters and she loves interior design and alternative medicine. Having a baby is a wonderful experience. You brought a new person into the world, and you deserve a lot of praise. However, at the very start of parenthood, after you’ve given birth, you have one of the most important tasks in the world: taking very […]

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How to Create and Organize a Baby Girl Nursery

baby girl princess nursery

Soft pink and white rose petals grace the walls. Princesses and castles dance along the crib sheets while the mobile spins round and round. A soft lullaby fills the room while the rocking chair sits patiently in the corner. The whole room waits in silent anticipation, holding its breath for that first newborn cry to fill the air. Soon tiny hands will grasp the cozy plush blankets, tiny feet will kick back and forth on the changing table cushion. She is […]

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